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Cat Care Tips

ginger cat - cat is published and operated by Total Pet Publishing and contains articles, advice and cat cat care tips contributed by feline experts from all over the world.

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On the site you will find cat care tips and cat advice on all aspects of cat ownership, from adopting a kitten to looking after an older cat.

Cat is a free to use cat advice and feline advisory website containing cat care articles, free feline health tips and expert cat advice from a panel of feline specialist advisors.

No matter what level of cat ownership experience you have, can help you solve your cat problems, improve your cat’s diet, lifestyle, health and cat behaviour is also covered.

Some of the cat care topics we cover include:

  • Cat behaviour
  • Cat health
  • Cat nutrition
  • Cat breeds
  • Cat illnesses

Our aim is to provide you with a simple navigational structure so you can locate the cat advice article you’re seeking in double quick time. If you need to search for a particular topic, we have a relevant internal article search function which will help you locate the cat care information you’re looking for.

If you are a cat owner and would like to ask one of our experts a particular question about cat care or feline behaviour please contact us. We can’t promise to answer every question or to offer a direct, personal response but we do try to help where we can.

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