Advice on Feeding a New Cat

One of the most important things to consider when bringing home your new cat is it’s health and nutrition. A balanced, healthy diet is essential to the growth and well being of your kitten. Variety in a diet is always important as it ensures two things. Firstly, that the cat receives a wide range of nutrients to promote health and growth, secondly it will prevent her from getting bored of what she eats. Cats can be quite fussy eaters

To ensure a healthy supply of protein, include offal, fish and eggs in her diet. To promote good eyesight, taurine is an effective option. Cats enjoy fat in their diet. A moderate supply of fat is healthy and is a good source of vitamins A, D and E. Calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones, this is found in milk but not often found in canned foods. Milk is often a good supplement for canned foods which alone, can sometimes provide inadequate for growing cats. 

It is possible to over-feed or under-feed your cat. Be sure to monitor her weight and level of activity carefully and adjust food intake levels accordingly. It is less likely that you will over-feed a kitten than you will a more mature, less active cat. Nevertheless, always pay close attention to weight and mobility. 

Canned foods offer a quick and easy way to feed your pet but sometimes do not provide adequate nutrients for a growing cat. It is you role as a responsible cat owner to find out which type offers your cat the best nutrition. Many commercial brands have a variety of different ‘dishes’ and kitten food. The same brands often advise cat owners to supplement the pre-preared food with milk and non-canned nutrients. Whiskas offer a specially formulated milk which is digested more easily by young cats. Certain cats find it difficult to digest milk if it has not been treated in order to remove certain enzymes. 

A cat should not be fed on a human diet. Their digestive systems are not as resilient as dog’s and they would find it difficult to cope with bits of steak or sausages handed down from the dinner table. 

Cat owners wishing to feed their cats on a strictly vegetarian diet should do so with caution. It is important to remember that cats are meat eaters by nature. Their digestive systems are not designed to be deprived of meat. A cat gets many of it’s essential vitamins and minerals from meat so consider the implications of this before you make the final decision. 

If any cat owner is unsure of how to be feeding their cat they should their vet or a dietician.

Separation Anxiety in Cats

It’s an increasing concern for many cat owners, how to keep their cats pacified when they leave the home. Unlike dogs, cats aren’t as prone to separation anxiety – but keeping our cats entertained when we’re not home is good for their mental health and provides adequate brain stimulation for them.

Separation Anxiety in Cats – Top Tips

Millions of cats watch as their owners leave for work every morning, with only themselves for company until teatime. Too many people are under the mistaken assumption that cats will happily fend for themselves. Cats can fend for themselves but they won’t necessarily be happy doing at all the time.

Cats are animals which thrive on mental stimulation and the company of humans.

Cats often augment their reputation as destructive house pets by doing things out of boredom. Cat owners could prevent this type of inconvenience by simply trying one of many easy and effective methods of feline entertainment from the comfort of your own workplace.

Cats will benefit the most from having companionship all the time. If you are a full time worker and can see no other alternative to letting your cat roam free, why not consider acquiring another cat or even a dog. This will develop the social skills of both parties and will prevent any remote chance of boredom.

If a second pet is not an option for you, an alternative is to place mirrors around the home. Although this sounds not unlike an insult to the cat’s intelligence, it does provide a very useful function. It will enhance the amount of visual stimulation that your cat will receive while she is on her own. It will also help or socialisation techniques and prevent her from becoming lonely.

Any movable objects are fantastic stimuli for the active and inquisitive cat. A weighted ball that changes direction is a fantastic and trouble free way of entertaining her, and it will keep her fit. Always ensure, as with children, that there no dangerous components to any of the toys you give to your cat which could be swallowed and cause choking.

Provide areas for the cat to go where she can reach different heights and angles. This will satisfy her climbing urges and will be a safer and more convenient alternative to a sharp set of claws travelling up the side of any valuable furniture. She will be able to experience different temperatures and lights and will be able to get away from the boredom of the house.

Cats enjoy exploring boxes and tubs so any old packaging left for to play with will provide her with lots of new spaces and areas to go into.

Rotate her toys so that she thinks she has a new one each day, this prevents her from getting used to the same challenge. Leaving the radio or television on will also help prevent boredom and will provide a feeling of familiarity to an otherwise lonely house.

If you haven’t already, install a cat flap so that she has access to a garden or yard. If you do not wish for her to have constant access to the outside world you can get flaps that can be locked or fixed so only certain actions can be made through the cat flap. (For your information. Sir Isaac Newton, the man who discovered gravity, is also the man who gave the world the cat flap)

If none of the above are possible, at least ensure that she has access to a window so that she can have a look at the outside world.

How to Stop Cats from Fouling in Your Garden

If you have a garden, one of the most important pet questions you might have is probably how to get the neighbourhood cats from fouling in your flower or vegetable patch. The truth is any cat that doesn’t use a litter tray will have to do his business somewhere and the garden usually seems like the ideal place!

The garden is so appealing to the neighbourhood cats because it offers ample opportunity to cover up what they have left behind. However, while most cats do cover up their business, others do not. And that’s likely where the problem of cats fouling your garden comes in. This can be especially irritating if the culprit is not your own cat. The idea of cat faeces lying in your garden can be smelly and disgusting. It can also become a danger to your family, especially the children. Continue reading “How to Stop Cats from Fouling in Your Garden” »

What is the Best Cat Magazine

We know a lot of our cat loving visitors love to read cat magazines and one of the questions we get asked the most is; what is the best cat magazine?

As you would probably expect, here at cat advice we get through a lot of cat magazines and pet publications in general and there are certainly some excellent cat magazines out there. But let’s change the question around a bit and ask; what cat magazine should I buy? And on this, we have an answer that might surprise you…none of them! Continue reading “What is the Best Cat Magazine” »

Toxic Mould Can Kill Cats

CatThe deaths of two cats from what is believed to be the first documented case of toxic black mold poisoning in pets point to a new health concern for pet owners, according to a veterinarian who co-authors a report in the Sept. 1, 2007, issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Douglas Mader, a veterinary specialist in Marathon, Fla., was performing routine dental procedures on two cats when he noticed frothy blood within endotracheal tubes used to supply anesthesia to the animals. The veterinarian immediately stopped the procedures, but both animals died — one the following day, the other about two weeks later.

“The circumstances of these cases are just not heard of,” Mader said. “Anesthesia doesn’t cause pulmonary hemorrhage [bleeding from the lungs.]” These were healthy, indoor cats. Examinations conducted prior to the dental cleanings showed no indications of illness.

Blood collected prior to the cats’ death was tested and demonstrated the presence of the toxin produced by Stachybotrys chartarum, also known as “toxic black mold.” Exposure to the mold can cause respiratory-related health problems, pulmonary hemorrhage and death in people. It had not previously been associated with disease in pets, Mader said.

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Most Popular Cat Names

Consider this, you have just got this cute little kitten, you are prepared, you have got a nice warm home for it, the litter tray is ready and waiting for action, the kitten’s toys are on standby and your cupboard is stocked with food and drink for the little one.

‘What’s it called?’ some one says, you stare expressionless at them, tumbleweed blows across your living room.
The naming of your cat is one of the first steps in creating a long lasting bond with your cat, it is not a decision to be taken lightly, give the matter some thought, and whilst you are thinking, read these tips, they may help you, they may not.

If you are going to choose a ‘Fifi Trixibelle’ type name for your cat, try to make sure that the name can be shortened, preferably to no longer than two syllables. Make sure that you are comfortable with the shorter version, as you will probably find that you use it more. A shorter name is also easier for the cat to learn.

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How to Find a Lost Cat

ginger cat - cat you have ever lost your cat it can be an upsetting experience. Most cats don’t actually run away or stray from home. We all know cats like to explore new places, sometimes, though, this could end up with them getting trapped.

They can also get lost if they are investigating new territory, and even sometimes they can be taken away by circumstances not of their own doing. When a cat is ill or injured it may seek haven in a safe dark place but very rarely do cats leave their home, even if badly treated. Try not to panic too much if you can’t find your cat, but start a thorough search as soon as you realise as any delay could put your cat at risk.

It is sometimes advisable to take a minute to think like your cat; after all, you will probably know where it tends to be, and what it tends to do on a day-to-day basis. Cats are excellent at hiding so I would be advise that you look around the house carefully, then double check. Even in spaces you think that a cat couldn’t fit there is a chance that they can. Listen for any sounds of stress, as cats like to explore weird spaces and can be innocently drawn to dark places. If your sure the cat is nowhere in the house, then check your front and back gardens and in the shed or green house if you have one.

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