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Cat Wees in the House

– Q – My cat pees everywhere and on everything! He’s been doing it years now. I thought he would break out of it eventually, but he continues to do it. He pees on my clothes, my school papers, and now he’s peed on my records and I’m fed up. I seriously thought about throwing him out and leaving him to fend for himself. I am at my wit’s end! I’ve tried physically reprimanding him, I’ve tried isolating him, I’ve tried everything! Now I am just trying to keep from seriously hurting him; what do I do?

Karl, Toledo, OH

– A – Is he a whole male or has he been neutered? It sounds more like marking than normal peeing. Have you tried caging him with food, water and a litter box as a retraining method? If he is whole, you might try neutering which helps most of the time. You might also want to read the article at:

Throwing him outside will solve your immediate problem, but then you will have your conscience to live with. Have you taken him to a Vet to see if there is a medical reason? Please explore these alternatives before you do anything drastic; after all, if he has been doing it for years what’s another few weeks or months to try and correct the situation?

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  1. Hi, i cnt find where i can contact u so. i am in need of a away to stop my 3yr female t r weeing on my laminate flooring. Ive tried all the web advise such as vinger n biccar. Not wrked. I am pretty sure its because its under the flooring is there any way of gettin rip on the smell without taking the floor up? Please help!!!!!!

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