A Comprehensive Guide to Older Cats

Our friends over at FelineOnline.com have put together a wonderful series of articles focussing on caring for senior cats.


Amongst the articles, you can read about:

What the experts have to say about caring for an older cat:

Purina, a leading animal nutrition firm, advises:

Certain changes will occur in your cat's body as the years go by. Important bodily functions, normally taken for granted, may start to slow down or malfunction. Just like humans, the senses eventually start to deteriorate, leading to impaired vision, hearing, taste and smell. Older cats are also prone to a number of medical conditions, the signs of which can be subtle and that we, as owners, should be on the lookout for as many are treatable.

Exercise and The Older Cat

Exercise is yet another important aspect to consider when it comes to caring for a senior cat. Most old cats would rather stay in place and sleep all day, which can lead to eventual obesity because of lack of exercise. Obese cats are more prone to diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. So make sure that your cat gets the daily exercise it needs.

Video: Caring For Your Older Cat

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