Advice on Feeding a New Cat

One of the most important things to consider when bringing home your new cat is it’s health and nutrition. A balanced, healthy diet is essential to the growth and well being of your kitten. Variety in a diet is always important as it ensures two things. Firstly, that the cat receives a wide range of nutrients to promote health and growth, secondly it will prevent her from getting bored of what she eats. Cats can be quite fussy eaters

To ensure a healthy supply of protein, include offal, fish and eggs in her diet. To promote good eyesight, taurine is an effective option. Cats enjoy fat in their diet. A moderate supply of fat is healthy and is a good source of vitamins A, D and E. Calcium is essential for healthy teeth and bones, this is found in milk but not often found in canned foods. Milk is often a good supplement for canned foods which alone, can sometimes provide inadequate for growing cats. 

It is possible to over-feed or under-feed your cat. Be sure to monitor her weight and level of activity carefully and adjust food intake levels accordingly. It is less likely that you will over-feed a kitten than you will a more mature, less active cat. Nevertheless, always pay close attention to weight and mobility. 

Canned foods offer a quick and easy way to feed your pet but sometimes do not provide adequate nutrients for a growing cat. It is you role as a responsible cat owner to find out which type offers your cat the best nutrition. Many commercial brands have a variety of different ‘dishes’ and kitten food. The same brands often advise cat owners to supplement the pre-preared food with milk and non-canned nutrients. Whiskas offer a specially formulated milk which is digested more easily by young cats. Certain cats find it difficult to digest milk if it has not been treated in order to remove certain enzymes. 

A cat should not be fed on a human diet. Their digestive systems are not as resilient as dog’s and they would find it difficult to cope with bits of steak or sausages handed down from the dinner table. 

Cat owners wishing to feed their cats on a strictly vegetarian diet should do so with caution. It is important to remember that cats are meat eaters by nature. Their digestive systems are not designed to be deprived of meat. A cat gets many of it’s essential vitamins and minerals from meat so consider the implications of this before you make the final decision. 

If any cat owner is unsure of how to be feeding their cat they should their vet or a dietician.


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