Pete Meisinger

I have been involved in the cat fancy for several years, breeding and showing LaPerms and Norwegian Forest Cats. I am active in CFA, TICA and ACFA, our cattery is registered with all three and I am the Breed Chair for the LaPerm with ACFA.

I also host the LaPerm discussion group on Yahoo,, and we are members of the LaPerm Society of America, the Norwegian Forest Cat Fancier’s Association and the Norsk Skogkatt Society.

We breed and show our cats, adhering to the highest standards of the breeds, breeding responsibly, and providing the best of care to our cats. We are active in dozens of online discussion groups and continue to increase our knowledge by attending seminars when they are available.

If we don’t know the answer we certainly know where to find it and our library contains dozens of books on the care and health of the cat.

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