Coping With the Loss of a Cat

– Q – Hi. Yesterday we got some bad news from our neighbor. He had found our sweet, eight month-old kitty (Raul)dead in his bushes. We think maybe Raul was hit by a car, crawled in front of his house to rest, and just didn’t get up. His twin sister (Lupe) is also our kitty, and she has been very upset since yesterday, and keeps looking for him. She may have found him in the bushes before we did because she was trying to tell us something. (She’s a talker…)

Raul was a very special, loving kitty, and they had a very close relationship, so we were wondering if we should try to get another kitten for her to play with. …We thing that maybe she needs a playmate, but a friend suggested that she may reject the kitten and only further frustrate her emotional state. Please let us know what we should do! Thanks so much!

Claire Meadows, Austin, TX

– A – Claire, Lupe is probably grieving the loss of her playmate (yes, pets do grieve) but will soon forget Raul as she is so young. Just play with her and enjoy her to get her through this loss and she will soon be fine. As for getting another kitten, I have mixed emotions here.

It is my firm belief that pets enjoy life more, are happier, better socialized and live longer if they have a playmate of the same species to share their life. On the other hand, unless you are willing to keep the kittens inside to prevent another possible tragedy I would say no, do not get another kitten.

It’s not safe, or fair, to subject another kitten to the possibility of a similar fate. If you are not willing to accept that responsibility please do not get another kitten.

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