Feline immunodeficiency virus

– Q – I currently have a cat with FIV who I am having put down tomorrow.  How long can do I have to wait & is there any pecautions that I should take when I get another cat?
Christina, Essex

 – A –  “Feline immunodeficiency virus is fairly unstable outside the cat and will not survive for more than a few hours in most environments. In addition, transmission of FIV occurs primarily through bites, so a waiting period between cats is not required to prevent FIV infection.

However, FIV–positive cats are frequently infected with other infectious agents which may pose some threat to a newcomer, so precautions should be taken. Thoroughly clean and disinfect or replace food and water dishes, bedding, litter pans and toys. A dilute solution of household bleach (4 oz. bleach in 1 gal. water) makes an excellent disinfectant.

Vacuum carpets and mop floors with an appropriate cleanser. Any new cats or kittens should be properly vaccinated against other infectious agents before entering the household.”

The above was from the Cornell Institute website in an article concerning FIV; the entire article may be read by going to  http://web.vet.cornell.edu/Public/FHC/fiv.html

I know it is always hard to lose a cat that has been a member of your family and our hearts go out to you. I hope you find solace knowing your cat will be in no more pain or suffering from this debilitating disease. Also, understand this is a very sneaky disease, masking it’s symptoms until it is usually too late for treatment. Hope this helps.

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