Most Popular Cat Names

Consider this, you have just got this cute little kitten, you are prepared, you have got a nice warm home for it, the litter tray is ready and waiting for action, the kitten’s toys are on standby and your cupboard is stocked with food and drink for the little one.

‘What’s it called?’ some one says, you stare expressionless at them, tumbleweed blows across your living room.
The naming of your cat is one of the first steps in creating a long lasting bond with your cat, it is not a decision to be taken lightly, give the matter some thought, and whilst you are thinking, read these tips, they may help you, they may not.

If you are going to choose a ‘Fifi Trixibelle’ type name for your cat, try to make sure that the name can be shortened, preferably to no longer than two syllables. Make sure that you are comfortable with the shorter version, as you will probably find that you use it more. A shorter name is also easier for the cat to learn.

If you have other pets in the house, try to have a distinctive sounding name for your cat. We usually give meanings to names and it wont be easy for any of your pets if they all sound alike, if you call your cat ‘Fluffy’ and your dog ‘Toffee’, can you imagine the melee at dinner time. Dogs and cats do react differently to sound patterns.

Also remember that tiny kitten sleeping in your hands may grow up to be a large cat and you may like the idea of your large adult cat being called ‘Tiny’, that’s your choice and as far as I am aware cats don’t give a monkeys about their name. However, if you are looking for a name that will describe your cats personality in years to come, please bear in mind that as a kitten grows, its looks and personality will change.

If you have named your kitty after a dear departed cat, don’t expect the cat to become an identical cat to it. Each cat is very different, even if the cat looks the same; my guess is that she will probably turn out to be very different.

If you want to be creative with your name, then be creative. The naming of a cat is nothing like naming a child. If you call the cat ‘Twinkle Toes’ you will not cause him any psychological difficulties and as far as I am aware, the other cats in the area will not make fun of the cat because of the name.

There is no right and wrong into naming your kitten, I had two cats called ‘Stan Laurel’ & ‘Oliver Hardy’ because I am a fan of the comedy duo, I made sure that I had a ginger kitten as Stan Laurel had red hair in real life, and I made sure that I had a well proportioned size kitten as Oliver Hardy was, well, well proportioned. I used to call them ‘Stan’ & ‘Ollie’ but would introduce them to my friends as ‘Mr Laurel & Mr Hardy’.

The 10 Most Popular Cat Names (UK)

1.      Molly
2.      Charlie
3.      Tigger
4.      Poppy
5.      Oscar
6.      Smudge
7.      Millie
8.      Daisy
9.      Max
10.     Jasper

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