The Importance of Neutering Your Cat

Neuter your Kitty Sooner Rather than Later

Many people have a strong opinion as to whether or not they should neuter their kitty.  There are those who have kittens who think it’s a dreadful idea to take the possibility of having kittens away from their kitten – or can’t begin to imagine why they have to consider something like that about a tiny little kitty.  Then there are those who don’t have cats and think all cats should be neutered and so get a reputation for not liking cats.

The truth of the situation is that unless you want your kitty to have, or father, kitties of its own, you really need to consider neutering your kitten as soon as possible.  Many people think that they have to wait until their queen kitty goes through her first “heat” cycle.  This isn’t the case.  She’ll be just fine if you get her done as soon as her system is mature enough to cope.  Usually this is around 5 months old.  If you wait and she has that cycle, be prepared for the loudly serenading “beaus” who come “calling” at 2am!

Neutering your kitten early means that they are less likely to have much reaction to the operation at all – as with humans, the young are more adaptable to their situations.  Within a couple of hours of surgery, a neutered kitten is likely to be back on his feet and wobbling in the direction of his supper!  He will wash and wash at the stitches until you are terrified that he will wash them out, and you’ll take some preventative measure to ensure that nothing happens to them overnight!  By the next day kitty should be swinging once again from your curtains.

Although most cat owners can see the advantage of neutering their queen, not many realize that by neutering a tom, they not only stop him from populating the local area with off-spring, but they will take that “tom cat” smell away.  The urine of a neutered tom cat usually smells less intrusive that that of a non-neutered one.

neutering your cat

Regardless what some people may think, neutering your kitten isn’t a negative thing.  If anything you are liberating your cat to go out into the world, confident that it’s not going to be helping to populate it!

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