Why Does My Cat Lick?

– Q – I adopted a domestic shorthair kitten about a year ago that had been abandoned near my sister’s house. She’s now a healthy, happy adult neutered cat, with a bit of a weight problem. We recently changed her diet to Science Diet Feline Maintenance Light, and she’s slimming down nicely already.

The problem that we’re having is that in the past two months, she has started licking things around the house. Her favorite targets seem to be a fossilized clamshell, a flowerpot coated with some sort of pebbly clay-like coating, and a ceramic tile. She will sit and lick them for several minutes at a time, and if I take them away, she tries to get back at them. Does this sound like OCD, or could she have a vitamin deficiency? Or is it something else entirely? Thank you, Janie

Janie V, Mobile, Alabama, USA

– A – Janie, My guess would be her diet. A Light blend is usually for older pets with different nutritional requirements than a growing young adult. My suggestion would be to consult with your Vet about the diet and start feeding her a blend more suited to her needs.

As for the weight, may I suggest getting a laser pointer? They project a red dot and cats love to chase the dot as you move it around the room.

Not only will this provide exercise for the cat but will reward you with some amusing quality time with her as you enjoy watching her acrobatics in pursuing this elusive “prey.” Our cats love this toy and come running as soon as they hear me pick it up (it’s on a key ring that jingles). Pete

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